Are Electric Cars the Ultimate Anti-Theft Vehicle?

Electric cars have taken the automobile industry to the next technological advancement when vehicles are concerned. They are often praised for their innovation when it comes to technology, such as their energy conservation and security system. But does this make Evs harder to steal?

Electric cars are considered much harder to steal due to a few factors, including EV ignitions being more secure, i.e., Tesla chip and pin pass. EV doors cannot be picked because they are keyless, and they have electronic alarm systems and tracing devices, among other things, that keep the car safe from thieves. 

This article will discuss whether or not electric cars are easy to steal. So keep reading! We have everything you need to know about whether or not it’s harder to steal an electric vehicle when compared to a gas-powered car. 

Electric Cars Key and Tech

Long gone are the days of a single key inserted into the driver-side door to open a car before being placed into the ignition to turn on the gas-powered motor vehicle. In most electric cars, you have the option for three keys, depending on how you feel about security. 

A phone key is popular among young Tesla drivers. This is where they set up their phone to work as an electronic key that communicates with Model 3 cars using Bluetooth. This kind of key supports automatic locking and unlocking.

A key card is another option offered by Tesla vehicles which uses a card that will communicate with your Model 3 using short-range radio-frequency signals or RFID. In situations where your phone is dead or lost, this will let you unlock and drive your Tesla. This will also allow you to add phone keys and other key cards. 

Reasons Why Electric Cars Are Harder To Steal

So, when it comes to stealing an electric vehicle, given the previous information, you may already realize that it seems rather difficult to steal a Tesla, as you’d need to have the person’s phone or keycard. On top of this, you’ll need a password. 

Let’s look at some of the primary reasons why it’s virtually impossible to steal a Tesla with a competent owner: 

Electric Vehicle Ignitions Need A Pin To Start

One of the main reasons it’s hard to steal an electric car is that the innovations in software engineering that went into electric vehicles are far beyond that of a gas-powered car. 

Brands such as Tesla will require you to enter a pin, even after you’ve used your key card or phone to unlock the vehicle. Thus, unless a thief can get your pin, the car will not start. If this feature is activated on your Tesla, no one can get it moving without the pin.

There’s Nothing To Lock Pick

One of the ways that electric vehicles stay off the radar of any thief is that you cannot pick the locks of a Tesla because there are no locks to pick. A small number of electric vehicles have some hidden locks you can access, but for Tesla, there are now, making them un-lock-pickable 

On top of this, if you try to force your way in through the window to break the steering lock and hotwire the engine, the ignition of an electric vehicle doesn’t work like a gas-powered vehicle.  Thus it’s also impossible. However, if one does try this method, you’d be surprised at how loud the alarms are. 

What If Someone Tried To Tow It Away?

Even if someone tried to tow your electric car away or place it on the back of a trailer, it would be a challenging task for the thief, even if the owner wasn’t around. Teslas and other high-quality electric vehicles have surveillance cameras activated by motion. 

Thus, the vehicle owner will be notified immediately if there’s a change to the car’s tilt. So, overall, if you own a Tesla vehicle and someone tries to tow it away, you’ll have plenty of time to react. 

Driving With One Pedal Is Confusing

Most newer electric vehicles all operate on one-pedal driving systems, where the process of decelerating serves the dual function of reducing the vehicle’s speed while simultaneously charging the battery. 

The breaking technique is easy to pick up once you begin driving your electric vehicle. However, for an inexperienced thief who jumps behind the wheel of your car, it will certainly put them off driving your car, and they usually won’t get very far. 

Where Your Electric Vehicle Is Parked Repels Thieves

In most cases, you will leave your electric vehicle to charge in a well-lit area, often surrounded by a few eateries, shops, and a gas station. These are areas that thieves usually avoid due to the high risk of getting caught or seen. 

On top of this, charging stations usually have locks for both ends of the charging cable, meaning that a thief cannot disconnect the cord to drive off even if he finds your keycard lying around. 

Is It Possible To Steal An Electric Car?

So, from the above section, it’s clear that it’s much harder to steal someone’s electric vehicle, especially when it comes to Tesla vehicles. 

That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, however, as if you were able to steal someone’s RFID card or phone and you were able to get the pin as well, then you could certainly steal an electric vehicle. Managing all these steps is certainly a difficult task. 

A software attack is also possible, but this would require a computer hacker to steal someone’s Tesla account details and credentials, thus allowing them to get into the car and drive off. This is why many Tesla users pay attention to apps that ask for API Keys. 

Thus, stealing an electric car is not impossible, but it’s certainly much different than stealing a gas-powered car. Even once it’s stolen, you can continuously track the vehicle’s location, especially if you have a Tesla, so they would need to turn off the tracking system. 

According to the Highway Loss Data Institute, of the 115 Teslas that were stolen between 2011 and 2018, 112 or 97% of these were retrieved.  

Even if the thief gets everything right and manages to get away with your Tesla, there’s a much higher chance that you’ll retrieve your vehicle thanks to all of the software advancements within it. 


Electric vehicles have significant software advancements that help keep them safe from thieves. Thus, if you have any worries about the possibility of your electric car getting stolen, you should be able to sleep a little easier tonight after reading this article.