Costco EV Charger, Is it Worth it?

Ever notice the Costco EV Charger and wonder if its worth it? Or, is this deal too good to be true?

Dedicated electric vehicle chargers for your home can be expensive. They can require an electrician to install additional outlets, raising the cost even more. Costco offers an inexpensive portable charger that will not require any additional wiring, but is it right for you? 

Key Takeaways:

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The AxFast Level 2 charger is sold by Costco and can be a significant saving to an at-home charger, at a reasonable price.

It can be plugged into 120v or 240v and will not require any rewiring to your house or apartment. It is also portable and can be carried along on trips and vacations, giving you another option to charge your vehicle. 

We will look at the Costco EV charger, and see if it will fit the charging needs of your electric vehicle. 

Costco Portable Charger

Costco has a portable low-cost electric vehicle charger available online and in-store. The AxFast Level 2 portable charger is listed for $279.

This is a significant saving over most other level 2 chargers. It comes with a 24-foot charging cord and two adaptors; NEMA 5-15 for charging at 120v and NEMA 10-30 for charging at 240 volts.

It also can charge all vehicles with the Combined Charging System. 

The AxFast Level 2 charger is made from impact-resistant thermoplastic material.

The charging gun will lock in place on your vehicle when charging and features an easy-release button to unlock the charging gun when it is ready to be removed.

The display for the charger is simple, easy to read, and takes the complicated guesswork out of plugging in and charging your vehicle. 

The AxFast Level 2 charger is waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is designed for portability and comes with a case to store everything.

Due to its versatility, you can charge in any plug when traveling away from home when there are no public chargers available.

If you are just looking for an at-home charger, it can be mounted in your garage or parking space. 

costco portable ev charger

Will the Costco Portable Charger Work for Me?

When deciding if the AxFast Level 2 Charger will work for you will depend on a few different factors and your needs with your electric vehicle.

Below, we will look at a few of the needs of owning an electric vehicle and help decide if the Costco portable charger is right for you.  

Do I Need a Portable charger? 

Owning an electric vehicle will require you to plan out where and when you can charge your vehicle.

If you travel a lot, having a portable charger that can plug into 120v and 240v plugs can save you from not being able to recharge if there are no public charging points available near your destination or you are unable to use them because of damage or other reasons. 

Portable chargers give you the added option of charging your vehicle if you are staying in a house or other location during your travel that does not have a charge point.

The Axfast Level 2 charger is the best portable charger for this situation.

They can be used on 120v or 240v plugs and ensures there is always a way to charge your electric car indoors or outdoors.  

Do You Need a 240 v Charger at Home? 

Home chargers run on 240v and may require a different outlet to be run into the garage to power these units.

Most dryers are run on 240v and if they are located in your garage it may not require too much additional electrical work to install the plug to power an EV charger.

They are the preferred method to charge your electric vehicle but may not be practical for everyone. 

If you are renting a home or apartment and do not have access to or can not install a 240v plug or charging station in your garage, you may be limited to charging with 120v.

A portable charger, such as the Axfast Level 2 charger, will still allow you to charge your vehicle when there isn’t an option for the installation of a dedicated charger for your electric vehicle. 

costco ev fast charger

Does The AxFast Level 2 Charger fit my vehicle? 

The AxFast Level 2 charger is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. It comes with the SAE J1772 charger. 

They are standard on most electric vehicles after car manufacturers Audi, Ford, BMW, Daimler, Hyundai, Porsche, Volkswagen, General Motors, and Volvo all agreed to utilize this plug for the Combined Charging System. This system also provides shock protection when charging your vehicle in wet conditions. 

Tesla owners will need an adaptor to use the AxFast Level 2 chargers for their vehicles.  

Portable Charger Downsides

The 120v portable chargers can take a longer time to fill your vehicle than a dedicated 240v home charger or charging station.

The cords on some chargers can be short and will require you to park within proximity to the plug you are wishing to charge from. 

The plug you use may be on the same circuit as other fixtures and may cause a breaker to trip, leaving your vehicle without being charged.

Older wiring and fixtures may also be a concern when charging an electric vehicle. They should be inspected to ensure they are in proper working order before charging your electric vehicle. 


A dedicated home charger will always be the best option to charge your vehicle daily. When a dedicated home charger isn’t available, the AxFast level 2 charger is the next best option.

It is versatile and can be used with either a 120v or 240v plug without any rewiring needed for your home. It will be slower to charge your vehicle on the 120v system. 

The AxFast level 2 charger is portable and can be used on trips and vacations to ensure there is always a way to charge your vehicle if you can not use public chargers.

It is waterproof and can be used indoors and outdoors, leaving you free to know your vehicle will be able to be recharged no matter the place or weather.