Here Are The EVs You Can Buy RIGHT NOW With A Sunroof

Looking for an EV with a sunroof? You’re not alone! Here is everything you need to know.

While some sunroofs just offer a little flair in terms of aesthetics, others offer an airy feeling of space and breathability.

EV cars aren’t always known for being extra large and roomy (Some are, just not most), and a sunroof definitely improves on that. 

However, not only are EVs getting bigger, things like sunroofs and moon roofs are becoming more common, really opening things up a bit for the driver or the whole family.

As these things typically go, once the first sunroof appeared, it started spreading like wildfire. 

evs with a sunroof

List of Electric Vehicles With A Sunroof

Now, there are several models that come with a sunroof, so your choices aren’t severely limited. This is especially true with some vehicle manufacturers releasing more spacey cars that also come with sunroofs. 

Tesla Model 3 Saloon

Although a lot of vehicle manufacturers are catching up, Tesla remains the king of the electric vehicle empire.

The Model 3 is nothing new but if you opt for the Model 3 Saloon trim, you get a retractable sunroof as well. 

The way the frame of this gorgeous vehicle is designed, the entire roof looks like it’s made of glass.

The interior is already decently spacey, with seating for five. Even with the panoramic appeal of the roof, half of it slides back.

It’s also appealing because it creates a spacious view through the entirety of the roof.

It’s also a terrifically lightweight car, which helps in terms of the distance it can travel on a single charge.

Its sporty look also makes the Model 3 one of the top choices out there, so why not opt for the Saloon? 

Kia EV6

The base model sells for $41k so it’s not the most inexpensive car on the market. However, it’s a spacious ride and it comes with a sunroof.

There are also several options to choose from, including dual-motor and single-motor drives, rear-wheel drive, or all-wheel drive. 

It’s also one of the fastest-charging electric vehicles on the market today. A 10% to 80% charge will take no more than 20 minutes. 

It tops out at 320 horsepower and can go from zero to sixty miles per hour in three and a half seconds. 

The interior doesn’t resemble many of Kia’s gasoline offerings. It’s very modern and high-tech-looking.

Everything you need to control the sunroof, along with just about everything else in the car, is located on the center console.

Kia managed to put everything there without making it look enormously complicated. 

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Volvo XC40 Recharge

The Volvo XC40 Recharge is Volvo’s first foray into an all-electric SUV line and so far, it looks pretty exceptional.

It comes with a very spacey interior to compliment the sunroof. The controls for the sunroof are located on the rearview mirror and it’s a smooth and efficient operation that you can’t help but appreciate.

Although this is one of the first all-electric offerings from Volvo, it’s modeled after the existing Volvo XC40 gas variation.

In fact, you will probably have trouble telling the two apart until it comes time to crank it up (or turn it on with the EV version).

It also happens to be one of Volvo’s more spacious offerings. They did a good job arranging the five-seater so you feel like you’re in a much bigger SUV.

The instrument cluster is suitably high-tech, including a 12” touchscreen that supports Android and Apple CarPlay

Jaguar I-Pace HSE

Jaguar is known for combining sporty looks and raw power with luxury interior styles. The Jaguar I-Pace is no exception.

It has a sleek body and a powerful look. It’s also loaded with technology and features both inside and out. 

You have to choose a particular trim if you want to take advantage of the sunroof but you also get a navigation system built from the ground up, along with support for Android and Apple CarPlay. 

The online pack is incredible, especially if you love smart home technology. The Jaguar I-Pace is fully capable of taking everything your smart home has to offer on the road.

It has rapid charging capabilities and a great range between recharges. The sunroof only adds more touch to an already spacy and breathable interior. 

2018 Tesla Model S

Of course, Tesla had to make the list at least twice. Known as the pinnacle of electric vehicle engineering, Tesla laid the groundwork for some incredible EVs to follow, including every vehicle on this list. 

The Model S has been around since 2018 but you can choose the right trim and get your sunroof.

Tesla prides itself on keeping its interior technology completely up to date, so expect to find everything you need to give you that “I’m living in an Apple ecosystem” feel. 

Tesla Model S also comes with a trim that includes a massive battery pack for plenty of range.

If you like touchscreens, the Model S offers one of the largest on the market with a 17” state-of-the-art panel. 

2022 Fiat 500X EV

Fiat managed to put together a tiny little EV that does what the Mini Coop did in terms of spacious interiors. The Fiat 500X is a smart-looking car with an incredible interior design

The sunroof is absolutely massive, taking up almost the entirety of the roof.

Even when it’s closed, it offers an open sky appeal that is difficult to take your eyes off of. The interior design has a distinct look that feels like Apple and a major leather company collided and the result is the interior of the Fiat 500X. 

One of the trim choices includes a cloth sunroof. It sounds bizarre but it works, giving you that outside, camping feels when it’s in place.

Overall, it packs a lot of style with substance, including an excellent range and just about all of the smart features you could ask for. 

All Things Considered

There you have it, six EVs that either come equipped with a sunroof or have an available trim to choose from.

They also happen to be excellent, highly-reviews EVs, which is simply a bonus at the end of the day. 

If you’re looking for an electric vehicle with a spacious interior that includes a sunroof, you would have to look pretty hard to find one better than these six.