How Big is the Rivian R1S? (Comparison Chart Inside)

Thinking about purchasing the Rivian R1S? Aren’t sure that it will offer enough space for your and your family’s needs?

Key Takeaways:

While most tires on fossil fuel vehicles last an average of 50k-60k miles (about 4 years), tires on electric vehicles don’t last nearly as long and you may need to change them as soon as 15-20K miles.
As a general rule, you should start shopping for new tires one the tread pattern has about 4/32″ of an inch remaining.
While many tires are warranted between 45k-60k miles, electric vehicles like Teslas wear out much faster, meaning replacement can come as soon as 15k miles.
size of the rivian r1s

The Rivian R1S electric SUV is an all-weather, all-terrain vehicle with a height of 72 inches, a width of 81.7 inches, and a length of 202 inches. While slightly thinner than the Range Rover, it’s ten inches taller than the same model, great for those blessed with height. 

So, if you’re in the market for a brand-new SUV, you’ve come to the right place. We’re going to take a deep dive into the Rivian R1S to answer your ever-burning “how big is it” question. 

How Big Is the Rivian R1S?

The Rivian R1S is a full-size, all-electric SUV made for on- and off-roading and manufactured by Rivian Automotive. Taking almost ten years to develop, it’s designed to stand the EV SUVs already dominating the industry.

As per the specifications, the R1S is shorter than the Cadillac Escalade. However, the skateboard platform will hopefully give it more interior space. 

The Rivian R1S Size Comparison Table

To give you a complete understanding of the Rivian R1S’s size, we’ve compiled a table of the heights, widths, and lengths of various SUVs currently available.

Take a look at the below to see how it stacks up against the other all-electric vehicles you might be considering:

Rivian R1S72 inches81.7 inches202 inches
Range Rover Sport71 inches82 inches192 inches
Range Rover72 inches82 inches197 inches
Land Rover Defender77 inches79 inches198 inches
Toyota Land Cruiser74 inches78 inches195 inches
Audi Q769 inches78 inches199 inches
BMW X771 inches79 inches203 inches
Jeep Rubicon74 inches74 inches188 inches
Mercedes-Benz GLS71.8 inches84.9 inches205 inches
Cadillac Escalade76.4 inches81 inches211 inches

The Rivian R1S sits between the Land Rover and the Land Rover Long Wheelbase for the overall length.

However, it almost boasts the same wheelbase as the latter — the R1S is 121 inches, and the Land Rover LWB is 122.9 inches.

The Rivian R1S Cargo Space Comparison

As a seven-seater, the Rivian R1S boasts a comfy-looking interior. Both the middle and third rows can be folded, allowing for more cargo space when needed.

Similar to the R1T, the R1S gets a frunk with 11.6 cubic feet. However, based on the photos, it appears the latter doesn’t benefit from an additional gear tunnel. 

That said, Rivian Automotive has installed storage space under the second row of seats. Consider it space for ice picks, skis, and other long objects. So, the shorter gear tunnel shouldn’t be a problem.

You will find the cargo space with seats up and frunk and the cargo space with seat area comparison below:

Cargo Space with Seats Up and FrunkCargo Space with Seat Area
Rivian R1S18to be confirmed
Cadillac Escalade15.294.2
Subaru Ascent17.6 86
Nissan Pathfinder1678.9
Ford Explorer18.287.8
Chevrolet Tahoe15.394.7
Toyota Sequoia18.9120.1
Ford Expedition20.9104.6
Chevrolet Suburban39.3121.7
GMC Yukon15.394.7
GMC Yukon XL39.3121.7
Audi Q830.560.7
Infiniti QX8016.695.1
Range Rover P40e21.159
BMW X712.890.4

Once the cargo space with seat area has been confirmed by Rivian Automotive, you’ll be better able to compare the R1S to the other models we’ve shown here. 

In the meantime, the manufacturer’s customer support provided specific information on the electric vehicle’s cargo volume. They said that:

  • the interior cargo volume behind the third row is 499 liters or 17.6 cubic feet.
  • the interior cargo volume behind the second row with the third row folded is 1,323 liters or 46.7 cubic feet.
  • the interior cargo volume behind the first row with the second and third row folded is 2,499 liters or 88.25 cubic feet.
  • the cargo floor length behind the third row is 21 inches and behind the second row is 51 inches.
  • the maximum cargo width behind the second and third rows is 51 inches. 
  • the maximum cargo width behind the first row is 58 inches.
  • the minimum cargo width is 42 inches.
rivian r1s white tire size

The Rivian R1S Tire Size Comparison

You can select the tire size of your Rivian R1S. However, it’s worth considering the efficiency because some say the wider the tire, the lesser the range and efficiency.

So, we have provided a comparison of the various tires available for the electric vehicle below to help you make your decision:

20″ 275/65R2034.1 inches10.8 inches7 inches107 inches592
21″ 275/55R2132.9 inches10.8 inches6 inches103.3 inches613
20″ 275/65R2031.7 inches10.8 inches4.9 inches99.7 inches636

The customer support over at Rivian Automotive assures you that the 21″ wheel/tire combination will provide over 300 miles of range, as long as your vehicle comes with a large battery pack.

Is There Room for a Spare Tire in the Rivian R1S?

When purchasing the Rivian R1S, you can select the option for the compact spare tire. Located in a lockable compartment under the trunk’s cargo floor, it inflates to a full-size tire with ease.

However, they don’t have an externally mounted spare option at the moment.

Based on the opinions of current drivers, many people aren’t impressed with the provision of a compact spare tire.

The majority believe a full-size spare tire would be better as they aren’t sure the compact version provides much extra usable cargo space.

Final Thoughts

So, how big is the Rivian R1S? The all-weather, all-terrain SUV vehicle is 72 inches tall, 81.7 inches wide, and 202 inches long. It isn’t as wide as the Range Rover, but it’s a significant ten inches taller. 

As for cargo space, it will suit most families, even those who don’t travel lightly. From tents to ice picks, the Rivian R1S has ample space for it all, especially with the additional storage under the second row.