How to Clean Tesla Windshield (The RIGHT Way)

Teslas are great cars, but maintenance can throw some people for a loop. Since taking your Tesla to an automatic car wash is not recommended, you may spend extra money and time on hand-detailing to get the job done.

However, you can take it up yourself to get your car clean! But do you know how to clean a Tesla windshield (the RIGHT way)?

Achieving a streak-free and effective clean on your Tesla windshield can be accomplished by selecting an appropriate glass cleaner (liquid or wipes can work just fine) or creating your own and using glass-cleaning microfiber cloths to wipe your windshield on the inside and outside.

Now, this may take a bit of practice, as streaks and spots can be left behind if you aren’t using the proper tools, cleaner, or technique.

In the rest of this article, I’ll go over which glass cleaners to select, how to make your own glass cleaner, and how to apply the correct cleaning techniques to achieve a streak-free shine!

How to clean Tesla windshield

Ready to clean your Tesla windshield? Let’s break it down into some easy-to-follow steps! 

Apply glass cleaner to the windshield

You can spray the cleaner onto the windshield, but when cleaning the interior of your Tesla, you may want to skip this step.

This is because chemicals from the glass cleaner will end up on your dashboard and could potentially cause damage. Of course, you can avoid this by using a cleaner free of harsh chemicals like ammonia and alcohol.

Use your microfiber cloth to wipe the windshield

For this step, you’ll want to grab an appropriate microfiber cloth specifically for cleaning glass. Tesbros recommends using two different microfiber cloths. Why? Well, as I’m sure you know by now, not all microfiber cloths are equal! 

For the initial clean, you should use a microfiber cloth that has a rougher texture to lift any dirt, grease, and debris on your windows.

If you’ve got a particularly sticky spot, let it soak in cleaner instead of trying to scrub it away harshly. Too much scrubbing (or using a hard edge to lift debris) can damage your windshield!

On the second pass, use a softer and more absorbent microfiber cloth to absorb the cleaner and loosened dirt. 

Additionally, users on Tesla Motor Club offer some excellent advice for discovering which side of the windshield your streaks are on—simply change the direction of your scrubbing depending on which side of the windshield you’re washing.

If you clean in an up-and-down motion on the outside and a side-to-side motion on the inside, you can easily determine which side of the windshield is developing a film. 

Remove any streaks

If you’re using a good glass cleaner and an appropriate microfiber cloth, you should get a streak-free clean on your windshield.

However, there may be times when you’re left with some extra debris or streaking, and you need to remove it. 

You can clean the window again with a softer microfiber cloth to remove any leftover debris, which may happen if your window is extra dirty before cleaning!

This is also why having multiple clean cloths is essential, as going over a cleaned area with a used cloth can deposit dirt and chemicals onto your windshield, leaving marks. 

Using a squeegee on the outside windshield of your Tesla can also help remove the excess cleaner, eliminating stubborn streaks that a microfiber cloth may leave behind. 

It’s also possible to have streaks on your window if you clean outside on a hot day. Warm temperatures can cause your glass cleaner to evaporate much faster, leaving chemical deposits on your windshield. If possible, wash your Tesla on a cooler day or out of the sun!

For more information on selecting the appropriate glass cleaner, which cleaners to avoid, and how to make your own, keep reading! I’ll discuss all of those points in detail below.  

Which glass cleaner should I choose?

When cleaning your Tesla windshield, you want to select the best glass cleaner for the job.

Unfortunately, some Tesla owners report that traditional glass cleaners like Windex can leave streaks no matter how much work you put in! So how do you know which cleaner will be suitable for your Tesla windshield?

Go-to glass cleaners

Tesla owners on the popular forum Tesla Motor Club recommend cleaners like Stoner Invisible Glass or Sonax Glass Cleaner.

Glass cleaners to avoid

Tesbros recommends avoiding cleaners with harsh chemicals like alcohol or ammonia. While these can be excellent for cleaning glass, they can damage your vehicle’s interior if they get on the dashboard, for example.

In addition to potentially damaging the interior, alcohol and ammonia produce harmful, harsh fumes.

This can be dangerous when you’re in an enclosed space, such as the interior of a car. Be sure to work in a well-ventilated area when cleaning your vehicle!

You can also avoid glass cleaner fumes by choosing eco-friendly products.

Many eco-friendly glass cleaners are available in stores, so give them a try if you’re environmentally conscious!

Can you make your own glass cleaner?

Absolutely! Users on Tesla Motor Club recommend the following formula for a perfect shine:

  • 30% vinegar
  • 10% isopropyl alcohol
  • 60% distilled water

Each of these elements is important in producing a streak-free clean. Vinegar and water are a tried and true combination for window cleaning, while the addition of isopropyl alcohol makes the solution evaporate faster.

Distilled water is essential in creating your own cleaning solution, as it does not contain the various minerals found in tap water.

These minerals leave debris behind when the water evaporates, producing streaks on your windshield—the opposite of what you want! 

Final thoughts

Now you should have all the information you need to clean your Tesla windshield inside and out!

It’s essential to have the appropriate supplies like an excellent and trusted glass cleaner (or one you made yourself!), a variety of microfiber cloths made explicitly for glass cleaning, and perhaps a squeegee to finish the job!

Always work diligently and safely regardless of how you choose to clean your Tesla windshield.