How To Protect Tesla White Seats (And How To Remove Stains)

A shared frustration among many drivers is protecting their Tesla white seats from stains and other damage. So its time we discuss how to protect Tesla white seats and give some tips on how to remove stains from Tesla seats.

Tesla owners across all models understand the many benefits they get from their vehicles. Still, these cars come with their fair share of challenges.

Key Takeaways:

While most tires on fossil fuel vehicles last an average of 50k-60k miles (about 4 years), tires on electric vehicles don’t last nearly as long and you may need to change them as soon as 15-20K miles.
As a general rule, you should start shopping for new tires one the tread pattern has about 4/32″ of an inch remaining.
While many tires are warranted between 45k-60k miles, electric vehicles like Teslas wear out much faster, meaning replacement can come as soon as 15k miles.

You’re about to discover a handful of different ways to protect your Tesla white seats in this guide. On top of that, you’ll also learn a few handy ways to remove any stains that land on those seats.

Let’s get started!

How Do You Protect Tesla White Seats?

White Towels

What it is: The first approach you can take to protect your Tesla white seats is to use one or more white towels.

Most importantly, any white towel you already have at home will get the job done. However, you’ll want to ensure the towel (or towels) are large enough to cover the chair parts you wish to protect.

Also, you can consider getting thicker white towels if you feel the ones you have are too thin. Thicker towels can absorb more moisture, minimizing the damage from spills.

How it helps: White towels are the cheapest, most straightforward way of protecting your Tesla seats. You probably already have a couple in the cupboard right now, they’re cheap, and you can apply them in seconds.

Aesthetically, the white color will help those towels blend with your interior, at least from afar. They’re not so pretty up close, though.

Seat Covers

What it is: The next option you have at your disposal is car seat covers. These will wrap around each car seat perfectly and seamlessly.

There is one minor challenge, though. You’ll have to find car seat covers that are designed specifically for your Tesla seats. That way, their measurements will match up perfectly.

As you might imagine, car seat covers will cost you a bit of money. You can always opt for cheaper car seat covers, but those don’t protect your seats as well and don’t last as long.

How it helps: Car seat covers are pretty straightforward in protecting your white Tesla seats. They provide an additional layer to each seat that protects from spills, stains, and even UV rays from the sun.

You have to be careful, though. Lower-quality car seat covers will eventually transfer some stains onto the white Tesla seat underneath.

Ceramic Coating

What it is: Any car owner would have heard of ceramic coating, at least as a form of exterior protection. However, what many people don’t know is that there is also ceramic coating for the vehicle’s interior.

As such, your third option to protect your Tesla’s white seats is to purchase and apply a ceramic coating to each seat. 

The coating is sold in kits, and they’re straightforward enough for you to apply yourself. But of course, you also have the option of getting professionals to do it for you.

How it helps: Ceramic coatings take a bit more time and effort to apply. Still, they do an excellent job at repelling liquids and preventing stains.

You’ll need extra time if you plan on applying multiple coats because there’s drying time required between each application.

You can expect ceramic coatings to protect your white Tesla seats for up to a year, depending on the product you use.

Boat Seat Protection Products

What it is: Let’s suppose you’re looking for a much more durable solution to protect your white Tesla seats.

A somewhat unconventional solution is to look away from car seat protection products and shop in the marine boating section instead.

Think about it: boats have seats that require protection, much more so than your Tesla’s white seats. Aside from the usual stains and wear, boat seats experience much harsher conditions like continuous sun exposure, seawater, and more.

How it helps: Boat seat protection products work the same way as those made for cars.

However, they are designed to stand up to much harsher conditions and are, therefore, stronger at repelling liquids and stains and protecting against harmful UV rays.

Regular Cleaning

What it is: No matter what product you use to protect your Tesla white seats, nothing beats good old-fashioned elbow grease. That’s right!

On top of these 4 options, getting down and wiping your Tesla white seats clean will do an excellent job of protecting them for much longer.

Doing so isn’t complicated, either. All you need are some baby wipes to get the job done.

How it helps: In simple terms, regularly wiping your Tesla seats clean will help them last longer and minimize any stain buildups.

How Do You Remove Stains From Tesla Seats?

Stains will still happen despite the protections you use for your white Tesla seats. Thankfully, they’re not too challenging to remove.

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Firstly, grab a soft cloth and moisten it with water.
  • Then, apply any non-detergent soap that you have around the house.
  • Next, clean the stain by wiping it in a circular motion until it’s gone.
  • Lastly, use a separate lint-free cloth to dry the area.

Remember: the key to protecting your Tesla seat is to clean the stain as soon as you notice it. The faster you do that, the less that stain will stick around.

Final Thoughts

Car buyers love Tesla’s white seats. But the tradeoff is that they’re more prone to stains and therefore require more protection and cleaning.

As you’ve seen above, you’ve got a handful of different options for protecting those seats.

From simply white towels to boat seat protection products, there’s an option for any budget and situation.

That also means there are no excuses for not keeping Tesla white seats looking their best at all times.