New Electric Truck Companies (Who Makes Electric Trucks?)

The flurry of new electric truck companies and EV startups, it might leave you wondering “Who makes Electric trucks?”

In the last decade, electric cars have gone from the cutting edge of science to common sights on the roads and driveways of suburban America.

Even though companies like Tesla and Toyota are selling new electric cars everyday, there is a niche that electric vehicles need to fill, especially in rural areas: the pickup truck. 

Key Takeaways:

While most tires on fossil fuel vehicles last an average of 50k-60k miles (about 4 years), tires on electric vehicles don’t last nearly as long and you may need to change them as soon as 15-20K miles.
As a general rule, you should start shopping for new tires one the tread pattern has about 4/32″ of an inch remaining.
While many tires are warranted between 45k-60k miles, electric vehicles like Teslas wear out much faster, meaning replacement can come as soon as 15k miles.

What are the new electric truck companies, and who makes electric trucks? Companies that are currently making electric trucks are Lordstown, Canoo, Atlis, Hercules, Nikola, and Rivian. 

These 6 electric vehicle companies are looking to bring these trucks to the roads sooner rather than later, and whichever electric truck is superior is yet to be seen.

Let’s look a little deeper into new electric truck companies.

New Electric Truck Companies

When choosing any sort of electric vehicle, there are a few things that all potential buyers have in mind.

Since electric vehicles of any sort are so much different from gas vehicles,  it isn’t just the type of fuel that sets them apart.

The considerations on which vehicle is best for certain consumers are quite a bit different as well.

That being said, pickup trucks are by far the most popular type of vehicle in the United States, so a wide variety of electric trucks will be a welcome addition to the huge pickup market. 

When checking out these companies and their headlining electric trucks, we will consider:

  • Price point 
  • Chare time
  • Range
  • Horsepower

Lordstown Motors

lordstown motors endurance

An American startup company, Lordstown Motors has dealt with some of the hurdles that a lot of new motor companies struggle with.

Although Lordstown’s electric truck hasn’t hit the market yet, it’s expected to be on the road by 2023.

When they first announced their electric truck, the Endurance, Lordstown claimed that the Endurance would be the first of its kind, but during the design and funding phases of production, other better-known companies like Ford released their own version of the electric truck. 

  • Endurance: 
    • Price point: Starting at $52,000
    • Charge time: 20–80% in 30-90 minutes 
    • Range: 250 miles
    • Horsepower: 600 hp

Canoo EV Pickup

canoo ev pickup ion forrest

With a unique style and odd subscription service purchasing model, Canoo electric trucks are some of the more anticipated electric trucks coming out in 2023.

Still, in a  market where some electric trucks are already on the road, waiting on the Canoo Pickup isn’t something many customers want to do.

 This means the Southern California company has to produce an electric truck that is worth the wait.

We already know the Canoo Pickup is stylish, but it’s yet to be seen how it will stack up to other electric trucks like the Ford Lightning.

  • Canoo Pickup Truck
    • Price point: $35,000-$50,000
    • Charge time: 0-80% in 28 minutes
    • Range: 200 miles
    • Horsepower: 600 hp

Atlis Motors

atlis motors xt pickup truck

Another company putting out an electric truck, hopefully, to be released in 2023, is Atlis.

Where some of the companies on our list are hoping their smaller, lighter electric trucks will appeal to EV enthusiasts, Atlis Motors is going the opposite direction with its workhorse electric truck, the XT. 

Built on the versatile Atlis XP chassis and available for outright purchase or, like Canoo, with a subscription plan, the Atlis XT makes some impressive claims.

Boasting a potential 500 mile range and a freakishly fast 15 minute charge with the Atlis proprietary charger, there are high hopes for the XT among electric truck enthusiasts. 

  • XT
    • Price point: $45,000-$78,000
    • Charge time:0-100% 15 minutes (with a proprietary charger)
    • Range: 300-500 miles
    •  Horsepower: 600 hp

Hercules Electric Mobility

hercules alpha truck ev

Another company making big claims for an electric truck that hasn’t been released yet is Hercules Motors.

The Hercules Alpha is supposed to be released this year, but no news of it has come out lately, so this expensive, powerful truck may still be some months away from release.

The Alpha is built on the same chassis as the Nissan Titan, so it has the look of a more traditional pickup truck that a lot of American consumers prefer.

Hercules has opted to keep a lot of the specs of the Alpha secret for the time being, but we hope to know more about this impressive electric truck in the future.

  • Alpha
    • Price point: $75,000-$100,000
    • Charge time: Unknown
    • Range: 300 miles 
    • Horsepower: 1,000 hp

Nikola Motors

Not everyone is looking for an electric pickup truck; sometimes you just need a little bit more for commercial purposes, like a semi-truck ev. In those cases, the Nikola TRE might just be the truck for you.

A semi-truck, the TRE has only recently been delivered to early buyers, so its popularity is yet to be seen. 

Nikola has had a fraught few years, with fraud claims laid on the previous executive chairman of the company and the scrapping of their plans for an electric pickup truck.

Luckily, the TRE seems to be coming out at the right time, and can hopefully help shipping companies that want to make less of a carbon footprint. 

  • TRE 
    • Price point: $120,000
    • Charge time: 10-80% in 2 hours
    • Range: 500 miles
    • Horsepower: 645 hp


white rivian r1t driving on sand

Rivian doesn’t want you to call their R1T a pickup truck; they prefer the term “adventure vehicle”.

But going off appearance alone, it’s pretty safe to say that Rivian’s R1T is a truck like all the others on this list, just with some extras that make it more capable for rougher terrain. 

Rivian trucks have only just started to be delivered to buyers, and it’s turning out to be one of the speediest electric trucks out there. 

  • R1T
    • Price point: $69,000-$85,000
    • Charge time: 10-80% in 42 minutes
    • Range: 300 miles
    • Horsepower: 835 hp

Also, I recently made a video about this very topic, check it out here:

Final Thoughts 

We already know that electric cars are very popular among a population more aware of pollution than ever, but the electric pickup truck market is catching up in popularity.

With quite a few companies designing and producing electric trucks, the market is sure to be competitive. 

So while not all of these electric trucks are on the road yet, their release will set the tone for the electric pickup market in a flash.

These new eclectic truck companies, Lordstown, Canoo, Atlis, Hercules, Nikola, and Rivian, are quickly setting themselves up for great success, as long as they provide the product advertised.