Looking for Rivian Forums? These 3 are the Most Active

If you’ve just bought a Rivian electric vehicle, you might have questions about it and Rivian Forums are the way to go.

If you’re interested in Rivian stock prices, company announcements, and forecasts, it’s great to have a community you can rely on for answers. You need to know the three most active Rivian forums.

The three most active Rivian forums include the Rivian Owners Forum, Rivian Forums (run directly through the company), and Rivian Stories.

I’ll go over these forums in more detail, and tell you which forums to avoid. Since Rivian is a new company with new vehicles, forums might be the best place to get updated maintenance information.

What is Rivian?

Rivian is an American brand which makes electric vehicles, including SUVs and pickup trucks.

The company is working on installing DC charging stations across the country for electric vehicles, including in more off-road and isolated areas.

While there might not be any chargers or service stations in your area now, there probably will be soon.

More recently, Amazon bought thousands of Rivian vans to offset the carbon footprint of its deliveries.

In addition, Rivian is a company that sells online and can deliver your new vehicle right to your door. Their headquarters are currently in Plymouth, Michigan.

Their R1T pickup model was the 2022 Motortrend Truck of the Year!

The Three Most Active Rivian Forums

If you have any questions about your new Rivian vehicle, it’s more than likely you’ll find the answers on one of these three forums.

As of writing, these are the forums with the most recent posts and comments on the internet. It’s easiest to find the most recent news and information here.

Forum 1: Rivian Owners Forum

As of writing, the last post on Rivian Owners Forum was made only two hours ago, and many of the comments are more recent than that. This seems to be the best website if you want answers that are up to date and quick.

Another benefit of Rivian Owners Forum is the sense of humor. Keep in mind there is a bit more swearing here than the other two forum options.

If you’re okay with that, check out Rivian Owners Forum. You can even get advice if you don’t currently own a Rivian, but are interested in buying one.

Rivian Owners Forum also includes threads for stock information. If you’re thinking of buying some Rivian stock, it’s a good idea to check there to know what to expect. You can also follow news on market trends on the forum.

Forum 2: Rivian Forums

Rivian Forums is Rivian’s official community for news and maintenance information.

Since it’s run through the company, you can rest assured the information will be current. They organize forum threads by newest, most popular, and busiest.

Like Rivian Owners Forum, there are a lot of maintenance questions. Many people post about successful vehicle deliveries, as well as issues and fixes.

Along with their main category, they also include thread categories for tech, market, sponsors, and off-topic questions.

Rivian Forums also has a YouTube channel, though they last uploaded a video a year ago. 

Forum 3: Rivian Stories

This forum closely resembles Facebook in its layout and comment structure. They also have prompts, polls, and questions available, much like Facebook.

Overall, this seems to be a place for Rivian fans to gather and share the love of their electric vehicles.

Check Rivian Stories regularly for announcements about new service centers, colors, and models.

While you can use Rivian Stories for free, you can also sign up for a monthly or annual subscription to become a Rivian Stories Backer.

This gives you access to a private group on the site, a monthly livestream, and a shop discount.

If you’d like to find other Rivian fans in your local area, you can join a localized group on Rivian Stories!

This might open up an opportunity for socializing off-forum as well. They also have a merch store on the website.

Less Active Rivian Forums

While the three options above are active and host quite a few members, there are others which are definitely not as active. Here are forums you won’t want to go to for current information.

Rivian R1S Forum

This is a forum for the Rivian R1S model. However, it seems to be dead. The last post dates to January 31, 2022.

The “What’s New” tab is entirely empty. This is not the forum you want to go to for up to date information.

Inside EVS Rivian

While this is more active than the Rivian R1S Forum, posts seem to be pretty infrequent. The last post dates back to two weeks ago.

Comments might be a bit more active. However, the three more active forums above are the best place to get information quickly.

How Active are Rivian Reddits?

If you’re a Reddit member and you’re interested in Rivian, you’re in luck! Rivian does have a Reddit presence.

There are subreddits for both Rivian vehicle questions and for Rivian stock questions. Both are fairly active as well.

Is there a Facebook Group like a Rivian Forum?

Yes! It isn’t affiliated with the company, but if you’re on Facebook you can follow them, too. They seem to share a lot of the same news and videos as the other forums.

Facebook might also be an easier way to connect personally with other Rivian owners in your area.

Rivian also has an official Facebook page, as well as an Instagram account.


Since Rivian is a newer vehicle manufacturer, a lot of owners have joined forums in order to share problems and find answers for their questions.

In addition, the latest news on models, colors, stock, and available charging ports and service stations appear quickly on active forums. 

Check out the Rivian Owners Forum, Rivian Forums, and Rivian Stories for active forum options.

While less active forums might have accurate information, it might not be as up to date. You can also join Rivian groups and follow the company on social media.