The Best Way To Remove Tesla Headrests (All Models Explained)

In contrast to the comfort of other Tesla features, the headrests can be irritating.

This is especially true if you are taller than average. The question is whether you can adjust them or remove them entirely.

The Tesla Model 3 is the only model where it is possible to remove the front-row headrests.

To do this you must pull down the upholstery near the base of the headrest to expose a clip. The other models vary between being adjustable or not. 

Although you can only remove the Model 3 front headrests there are other modification options for each model. Keep reading to discover your options with each model’s headrest.

Are All Tesla Headrests Removable?

Unfortunately, the headrests in Tesla models are not universally removable. While it depends on the model and the row, many Tesla headrests are built into the seat.

There are three types of headrests common to Teslas. The first is common to other vehicles as well.

These are headrests mounted on the seat by two posts. Like other manufacturers, these headrests can be manually adjusted or removed. 

The second and third styles are quite similar. They are built into the seat as one large piece.

One version is mounted on rails that can be moved up and down electronically. The other version is a solid piece that can’t be moved up or down.

Headrests (Model ; Row)RemovableAdjustable
Model S FrontNoOlder models only
Model S BackYesYes
Model 3 FrontYesYes
Model 3 BackMiddle seat onlyMiddle seat only
Model X FrontNoYes
Model X BackNoNo
Model Y FrontNoNo
Model Y BackYesYes

Models X and Y have more than one back row and variations thereof. This can show itself in various styles of head supports.

How To Remove Tesla Headrest

Depending on the model of Tesla you have and the seat in question, you may or may not be able to remove the headrests.

That is, not without extensive work that can be complicated. However, here is how to either remove or adjust the head supports in each Tesla model.

In situations where you can remove the headrest, you will need a long skinny tool. A flathead screwdriver works perfectly. Anything else of similar dimensions will also work well.

Model S

The Model S front row has either second or third-style headrests. These built-in headrests are not removable but some are adjustable. The newest version does not allow the headrests to move while older versions did.

If you want to adjust the front seat headrests you just have to tap the lumbar control on the exterior side of the seat.

This will bring up a prompt on the screen to select lumbar or headrest. Tap the headrest button then return to the controls on the side of the seat to adjust up or down.

Luckily, the back seat head supports are both adjustable and removable. These are mounted on two posts like most standard headrests.

To adjust their height all you need to do is squeeze the tab on the base of the left post and push or pull.

In order to remove the headrests, you must do the same as above with an extra step.

While holding the button down you must find a slot at the base of the other post. Insert your screwdriver or other tool and pull up on the headrest.

Model 3

A Model 3 is the best when it comes to headrest options. The front seats have headrests mounted on two posts that allow you to both adjust them and remove them. At first glance, this may not seem possible, however.

To adjust or remove the front row head supports you must pull back the upholstery around the base of the posts.

Below each post is a tab that you have to push out in order to free the posts. A flathead screwdriver is very helpful.

The back seat is less customizable. In the back row, you can only adjust or remove the headrest for the middle seat.

To adjust it you need to find a button on the base of the left post. Push in the button and pull or push the rest. 

To remove the middle seat head support you must push in that same button and insert a screwdriver into a slot on the opposite post. Then you can pull the headrest completely out.

Model X

While the Model X has plenty of options they do not extend to the headrests. None of the headrests are removable and only the front ones are adjustable.

The front head supports can easily be adjusted by using the controls on the side of the seat.

When you tap the controls that change lumbar support you will get the choice between lumbar or headrest on your screen. After tapping the headrest button you can adjust it up or down. 

Model Y

Lastly, the Model Y only has the option for adjustment and removal of the rear headrests. The front-row headrests don’t adjust and can’t be easily removed. 

To adjust the second-row headrests you just need to find the button on the base of one of the posts.

It should be on the left post as you look towards the rear of the vehicle. Press this button and pull or push the headrest as needed.

The third-row headrests can be adjusted by pushing the button on the base of the right post.

Just like the others, you can adjust them up and down by holding the button and pushing or pulling.

If either row’s headrests have a slot on the opposite post you can remove them by inserting a slim tool in the slot. 

Final Thoughts

In general, you can adjust any headrest mounted on posts by finding the button on one of the posts.

The headrests that are integral to the seat can either be adjusted by side controls or not at all.

Naturally, there are a few variations both between models and within model types by year.

If these instructions don’t match your Tesla exactly, look around for options. The owner’s manual can be a great help.