The Evolution of Dirt Bikes: When Did They Get Electric Start?

Welcome dirt bike lovers! If you’re an avid fan of dirt bikes and think you know it all, then you’re in for a real treat today. Today I’m going to be talking about the ever-evolving world of dirt biking, specifically the evolutionary breakthrough of electric start and the history, advantages and impact this has had on the dirt bike industry.

So, buckle up, kickstart your engines and let’s get this article started!

The Evolution of Dirt Bikes: When Did They Get Electric Start?

The dirt bike era began in the 1950s, when mechanics would tinker around with motorcycles, stripping them of all their features, except for the bare essentials such as the frame, wheels, engine and handlebars. This allowed them to make them lightweight and agile, ideal for navigating through rugged, off-road terrain. These bikes were all equipped with a pull-start, meaning that the rider had to physically pull the cord in order to get the engine to kick into gear. But in 1967, two legendary American bike companies, CZ and Bultaco, took it one step further by introducing the world’s first dirt bike with electric start.

The introduction of the electric start revolutionized the world of dirt biking. It meant that the riders no longer had to manually yank the cord in order to kickstart their engine; they could now press a button and get it going! It was a revolutionary development: think of it as going from petrol cars to electric cars in the world of four-wheelers. This was a significant milestone in the history of dirt biking and it paved the way for some of the more modern amenities that we have come to enjoy today, such as fuel injection, digital speedometer, and a range of other advanced features.

The History of Dirt Bikes with Electric Start

The major breakthrough in the world of electric start bikes came in the form of the CZ and Bultaco models. These dirt bikes were some of the first to be released on the market, and they were designed to be used on rugged terrain. The electric start feature was revolutionary at the time, as it allowed riders to simply press a button and kick the engine into gear, without having to manually pull the cord.

The CZ and Bultaco models featured a simplified starting system just like regular motorcycles and was equipped with an electronic DC stator, which allowed it to run on either AC or DC current. But most importantly, these bikes were fast, lightweight and offered a great experience.

The Advantages of Electric Start For Dirt Bikes

The advantages of electric start are clear to see, but let’s go over them in greater detail and break them down one by one:

•It’s much easier and more convenient – Pulling the cord can be a hard and arduous job, especially when you’ve been riding all day and your arms are tired and sore. The electric start eliminates this issue, as all you have to do is press a button and you’re ready to get going.

•It’s safer – Pulling the cord when you’re in an awkward and potentially dangerous position can lead to disastrous episodes of kickback, which can cause serious injury to the rider. The electric start eliminates this risk.

•Fewer components to worry about – Pull-starts require a complex network of components such as the pull cord, ignition coil and other related parts that can become corroded and worn over time. Having an electric start eliminates this worry, as the parts are very simple and there’s less for you to worry about.

•It’s faster – Getting the engine running is much quicker and easier with the electric start, so you don’t have to waste time waiting for it to kick in.

•It’s more reliable – With fewer parts, it’s much more reliable than a pull-start, which can be prone to wearing out or becoming damaged.

The Impact of Electric Start on the Dirt Bike Industry

The impact of the electric start has been profound. Before the introduction of the electric start, the dirt bike industry was populated by the basic, pull-start models. But after the introduction of the electric start, the industry was transformed. It opened up a new world of possibilities for riders, allowing them to experience more convenience, speed and safety when it comes to starting up their engines. It also brought with it more advanced features such as fuel injection, digital speedometers, and so on.

The electric start also revolutionized the racing world, as riders could get their engines started quicker and with less effort. This made it much easier and more enjoyable to race, which opened up the sport to a whole new range of fans.

The introduction of the electric start also made dirtbiking more accessible to the masses, as it was no longer as daunting or physically challenging to start up a dirt bike. This allowed the sport to become much more popular with the general public.


And there you have it; a comprehensive overview of the evolution of electric start for dirt bikes. We’ve gone over the history, advantages and impact of this incredible technology and you should now have a better understanding of why it has made such a big difference to the world of dirt biking.

So, happy trails, fellow riders! Keep exploring, stay safe and never forget that electric start is always the way to go!