Why Do Tesla’s Have EL Plates? It’s Not What You Think

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Tesla cars have become increasingly popular in the last few years for many reasons. One is that they are an eco-friendly option for vehicles run on fossil fuels and are highly reliable and technologically advanced. But a question often asked is why do Teslas have EL plates?

In the state of Illinois, Tesla’s have EL plates as they are fully electric vehicles. An EL, meaning electric license, is a kind of license plate solely reserved for electric cars (not just Teslas). However, in other states, many electric vehicle license plates have “EVs” for electric vehicles. This can exempt electric vehicles like a Tesla from certain road tax obligations paid by vehicles that run on fossil fuels.

Keep reading if you wish to learn more about EL plates and why Tesla cars use them! We have everything you need to know about EL plates and why Tesla cars use them in this article.

What is an EL PLate?

As it’s well known, your vehicle registration plate is a piece of plastic or metal that’s attached to the rear end of your car, motorbike, or trailer for the purpose of identification.

Because of this, an EL plate is a license plate solely reserved for Electric Cars.

However, it’s worth mentioning, that most states use a different designation from EL Plates with the alternate title of a “EV” or Electric Vehicle plate. Illinois seems to be the outlyer with the “EL” designation, here are some other facts about EL Plates in Illinois.

The letters EL stand for “electric license”, and with this variety of the traditional license plate, it will either have an EL at the start or end of the plate accompanied by the standard series of numbers.

The electric plates have become increasingly popular in recent years, as people are beginning to swap out their old fossil fuel-powered cars for a much cleaner and eco-friendly Tesla.

Thus, these plates are only available for vehicles that meet the required guidelines, such as minuscule carbon emissions and energy efficiency. 

Why Do Teslas Have an EL Plates

Tesla’s vehicles have a reputation for being some of the best, if not the greatest electrical vehicles available on the market today.

Their technological design, accompanied by their modern style, make them highly sought after in the electrical vehicle market. 

Tesla is well known for cars that run solely on electricity and for their clean energy initiatives such as energy and battery production.

Tesla has stated on multiple occasions that the faster we as humans reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and move towards a zero-emission future, the brighter our future will be.

As Teslas vehicles run on pure electricity, meaning they do not use any fossil fuels, the cars are then eligible to have EL plates, like any other electric car.

There are a few reasons why Tesla uses this kind of license plate, but the simple reason is that it’s to signify it’s an electric car. 

Hawaii EV License Plate

The Benefits of an Electric License Plate On Your Tesla

Having an EL or electrical license plate on your car has multiple benefits for drivers in America and around the world.

As the world slowly moves into an age of zero-emission, governments around the world have decided to implement some advantages for those of us who make the change over from fossil fuels to hybrid and electric vehicles.

Cars that run on fossil fuels must pay a gas tax. However, it wouldn’t make sense for a vehicle that runs on electricity to pay the same tax.

 As there’s no way to charge such a tax to electrical vehicle users the electric license plate helps driving jurisdictions separate these two kinds of road users.

Some road jurisdictions will charge the driver of the electric vehicle a smaller fee for road maintenance and construction on a yearly or mileage basis.

Another reason the EL Licence is used for Tesla vehicles is that some vehicle jurisdictions will allow hybrid and fully electric cars to use vehicle lanes with a high occupancy level.

This is to help against factors such as air pollution on some motorways.

The third and final reason why Tesla vehicles use  EL plates is that cities worldwide have started implementing areas where only electric cars can go. 

Thus they can traverse some of the more populated areas of a large city without noise and air pollution.

This is because their quiet movement, as well as the lack of emissions they produce, make them the ideal city-friendly vehicles.

Own a Tesla? How Can You Get An Electric License Plate?

It varies from state to state, but, if you were to buy an electric vehicle, no doubt it would already come with an EL plate, as they have been in circulation for some years now.

On the off chance that there’s a problem with yours or that you need to acquire an EL plate, here are a few tips to help you on your way.

If your Tesla comes without an EL plate, the process to apply for one is quite simple.

First, find your local Department of Motor Vehicles by clicking this for a DMV search.

Then, you can request an electric plate when registering your new vehicle, or you can request to change your standard plate existing registration number to an electric plate through your country’s motor vehicle department.

Whether a fully electric Tesla or a hybrid vehicle, your vehicle must not exceed a CO2 value of around 50g for every 50KM if you wish to obtain an EL plate (depending on your specific state).

This also goes for hydrogen-powered car owners that may choose to apply for an EL plate.

Usually, the charge for this changeover, if it is the first time for your Tesla vehicle or any other electric car, will be free of charge, but you may have to pay a processing fee. 

The plates often come within a few weeks from the day you submit your application. Getting an EL plate is not mandatory for your Tesla if it comes without one, as owners can choose to keep their original plates if they so choose.

Final Thoughts

So now you know why you may see a Tesla driving around with a license plate that looks a little different from the original plates were used to. The EL that stands out simply means Electric Licence. 

If you have a Tesla and feel like you would benefit from all the extra perks of having an EL plate, now you know how simple it is to get your own.